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Symptoms & Causes


Vermox. The number 1 doctor recommended deworming solution

Signs & Symptoms

  • Loss of appetite5
  • Constipation5
  • Weight loss5
  • Anaemia5
  • Diarrhoea5
  • Abdominal pain5
  • Peri-anal itching (itching around the bum)5
  • Fatigue5

How Do I Get Worms

Worms are easily spread, through the likes of contaminated water, air, pets/ pet fur and even bed linen4. Worm eggs can adhere to clothing and contaminated hands4. Worms can also be spread by walking barefoot on contaminated soil or sand3.


What Types Of Worms Do You Get1

There are many different types of worms which can affect humans.

These include:



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