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Vermox. The number 1 doctor recommended deworming solution

Prevention is the best cure. Here are some handy tips that will help prevent worm infestations in your home and keep your family happy and healthy.

  • As worms are contagious, ensure the WHOLE FAMILY has been treated with VERMOX.® - including Mom and Dad6.
  • Worm eggs can be left on common household surfaces, so give your home a thorough clean6. Take care not to shake linen when removing bedding as you could be spreading infectious eggs into the air1.
  • For several days after treatment, shower rather than bath to remove any remaining eggs from the skin1.
  • Snug underwear fitted to children at night may make it harder to scratch, therefore reducing the risk of eggs transferring to fingers7.
  • Ensure fingernails are kept short and scrubbed clean7.
  • Discourage children from sharing food and placing objects in their mouths6.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly in clean water before eating1.
  • Cook meat and fish properly1.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet, after playing in dirty sand, after farming or gardening and always before preparing or eating food3,5.
  • Wear shoes when walking on sand/ soil5.

Protect your family. Deworm every 6 month's with VERMOX®

Advice for Pet Lovers:

  • Keep sandboxes covered to prevent dogs and cats from defecating in them4.
  • Clean up after your dog or cat and throw away any faecal matter4.
  • Avoid the sources of tapeworms by controlling fleas and not feeding uncooked meat or offal to your pets4.
  • Ensure you deworm your pets with a recognised animal deworming treatment, on a regular basis4.
  • When you deworm your pets, you should also deworm yourself and your whole family8.

Tell your friends:

You can assist by encouraging fellow parents/friends to check their kids for symptoms and ensure that children who may show symptoms are treated. Prevention is key!

SMS your name to 45195 for your reminder to deworm every six months. SMS’s cost R1.



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