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Myths & Facts


Vermox. The number 1 doctor recommended deworming solution

MYTH: Only dirty people get worms

FACT: Whilst poor hygiene habits can contribute to the spread of worms once you have contracted them, catching worms can be as simple as touching an infected surface- it doesn’t matter how clean you are4.

MYTH: Only children get worms- I will never need to treat myself or my partner!

FACT: It is true, that 1 out of 2 children may be affected1 by worms. This is basically due to their close social interaction and generally less entrenched patterns of personal hygiene (hand washing etc.) which contributes to rapid transfer of the infection4. However, worms are contagious and you may also be at risk4. If suspected, ALL household members- including Mum and Dad- should be treated.

MYTH: Taking a deworming product will protect my family from getting worms.

FACT: Deworming products, such as VERMOX®, work on the worms present in the body. It is also important to give your home a thorough clean after treatment, to kill any remaining eggs and prevent infestation5.


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