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Diagnosis of Dehydration


Easily diagnose dehydration this way:

1. Do a pinch test

Grab a roll of skin on the back of your hand. If the skin remains raised, you might be dehydrated.1

2. Check your urine

A well-hydrated body produces mostly clear urine with a tinge of yellow. Darker yellow or orange urine are colours that warn that you might be dehydrated.1

Note: Certain foods, such as beetroot, darken urine. Various vitamins and medications may also change the colour.

​3. Test for bad breath

Breathe into your cupped hands and inhale through your nose to check. Lack of salvia can lead to bacteria overgrowth and bad breath.1

4. Notice a craving for sweets

Dehydration slows down the liver's production of glycogens, which leads to intense cravings for food, especially sweets.1

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